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~A balanced worker, a productive team, a successful organisation, better client outcomes, healthier communities. ~

Mindful Therapy is dedicated to adding value and inspiration to professionals working in the community, education, and corporate sectors. A fun interactive, calm environment to learn new knowledge and skills to further improve your career and well-being. 

Mindful Therapy Cairns training and supervision workshops  outback road Australia

Mindful Therapy Cairns aims to reach rural and remote organisations all over Australia.

Workshops and training with a strength-based approach.

Mindful Therapy strongly believes that a strength-based approach right through all levels of an organisation, from direct client contact to team dynamics to administration, will allow your organisation to perform at an optimal level.

Professional development is vital to an individual’s work performance along with the organisation operating at its finest that's why community training is flexible with its delivery of training packages.

We can supply training at your organisation or at locations that are easily accessed by rural and remote communities. 

We have no limits with locations.

Mindful Therapy Cairns will identify the training needs of the organisation within a consultation and tailor a training session that meets the current needs or issues that may be better supported from a strength-based approach.


We offer our highly interactive training to professionals across Australia.

Community Training
aims to address
these areas 

  • Human Service Industries

  • Health Sectors

  • Education Sectors

  • Community Groups and Organisations

  • Local business

Training Sessions available

  • The Self Aware Youth Worker

  • Substances

  • Values in the workplace

  • Sexual Health for youth workers

  • Work life balance

  • School education  session on request

  • Self care for workers

  • Crisis, conflicts and ethics workshop

  • Mindfulness for teachers and students

  • Teenage development

  • Wellbeing for fly in fly out workers

Mindful Therapy can tailor a training session for your organisations specific needs



"Lara is intuitive, sensitive, great at creating a safe & stable environment - good at leading in a gentle yet assertive manner, excellent communicator."

Community worker


“She is a great facilitator, made the group discussions really interesting and each team member felt a part of the team and wanted to share”.

Community worker

“I gained so much knowledge and confidence working in Lara’s training program. Lara facilitated the course in a professional manner, always making me feel at ease through the learning process and has continued to support me throughout my career"

Youth worker

“I found the course gave me the confidence to follow my passion for working in the drug and alcohol field, I knew I always wanted to work in this field although Lara gave me the skills and drive to head back into my career”

Residential Youth Worker

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