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Walk & Talk

Gestalt Therapy

Mindful Therapy Cairns counsellor and psychotherapist gestalt therapy located in Cairns Queensland
Midfule Therapy Cairns counselling. Walk and talk counsellor and psychotherapist in Cairns
Mindful Therapy Cairns counselling and psychotherapy narative therapy counselling in Cairns Queensland

Narrative Therapy

Solution-Focused Model

Mindful Therapy Cairns counselling and psychotherapy cognitive behavior therapy in Cairns Queensland
Mindful Therapy Cairns counselling and psychotherapy solution based therapy in Cairns Queensland
Mindful Therapy Cairns counselling social work animal equine theapy located in Cairns Queensland

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Animal Based Therapy

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Personal counselling - Trauma counselling - Supervision for Community Service workers - Addiction counselling - Anxiety and Depression - Child and Adolescent counselling

We all have the right to a happy and fulfilling life.

Sometimes we all need support and guidance to deal with strong emotions, relationships, and life’s challenges.

With a background in Social Work and Psychotherapy,
Mindful Therapy takes this into account, working from a ‘whole of life’ interpersonal viewpoint, all of life’s complexities and each person’s unique experience are respected and given a voice.

At Mindful Therapy Cairns we are a non-judgmental, compassionate & confidential service, and we believe that with the genuine support, people can move forward in their lives.

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We can assist you to have a deeper understanding of your circumstances and recognise how to live an authentic life, and most importantly we LISTEN.

Mindful Therapy Cairns work with individuals, couples, and families to develop healthier relationships and improve wellbeing. Counselling and Psychotherapay services are offered across Cairns and Far North Queensland in a diverse range of settings to accommodate different needs.

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About Lara:  



With 20 years in the community service field, Lara's speciality has been youth and relationship counselling, people suffering from addiction, anxiety & depression, parenting, and supervision for community service workers.

Tertiary Education: 

Lara holds a Master’s Degree in social work along with an B.A. majoring in Psychology. Lara enjoys combining her psychology knowledge with social work looking at the person as a part of larger systems that are affecting the person's life.

Lara is also a certified Equine Psychotherapist; gaining this qualification through the Equine Psychotherapy Institute.  Lara is passionate about mindfulness, which she incorporates into her daily life, and gained her certification though Mindfulness Works Australia.

Lara has extensive work experience in the youth and homelessness sector this is complemented through her diploma of youth work. She is a certified trainer and assessor which she has delivered training sessions to a range of community services QLD wide.

Lara has also been a subject matter expert & developed a Cert IV in Youth Work which sits with National Job Link and is rolled out nationally. 

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